In the next months we will be offering a “taster” mini consulting service. An intensive five hour consulting session for Authors in early stages of story creation, and for those who need help with finding out “What is my Story really about”.

Aimed at helping storytellers decipher the DNA of their story, and gaining insights and written recommendations for the creative process, we offer a consulting for storytellers confused about the core essence of their story. 

Based on Mrs. Wulf ‘s method of “Transformational Story Analysis”. and on years of experience helping film directors, editors, producers and screenwriters, gain insight of their protagonists and their own motives and journeys, we will dive with you deeper into the materials and truths of your story, why you tell your story, and why it has to be told. 

The "What is my story about" consulting is based on reading the materials you send us, and following a one to two hour video conference call.

Image by Emily Morter